are you a keen gardener?

We are offering a 2 night stay for free*

*Well when we say free we mean if your a keen gardener and love to be outdoors then we are offering a free stay for 2 people in return for 2 days gardening at the Annex. 

We are so busy with guest bookings that we have very little time to get the garden whipped into shape, We have just had loads of top soil delivered and this is now placed in the rear garden borders and needs loosening and raking out. also we need bushed Pruning, Weeding, Grass Cutting, Bedding Plants, Apple Tree Pruning and other general gardening duties. 

We are offering a 2 Night stay with Breakfast and will even provide you with a Sandwich lunch in return for your hard work for the 2 days  At the end of each day the luxury hot tub will be on and ready to ease your bones after the days work. We will also throw in Prosecco, Nibbles and the usual 5* service we provide.

In return we ask for 2 days work by 2 Adults and we won't charge you a penny for your stay. Dates are subject to availability of the calendar.

Interested? then send me a message and tell me how good you both are and how you would like to help in our gardening quest.

Arrival 10am on day one.

Lunch around 1pm

Finish around 4pm

Day two start around 10am 

Lunch around 1pm 

Finish around 4pm 

Check out 10am 

I am a great gardener

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